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Flexible interlocking solution with HIMA technology

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Multiplex Systems Ltd has partnered with HIMA Company of Germany to provide smart Safety Solutions to protect Plants, people and profitability 

One of the best solution implemented is the Flexible interlocking solution with HIMA technology safeguards shunting junction in French-speaking Switzerland.

BÄR Bahnsicherung deploys an innovative CENELEC SIL4 interlocking system based on Commercial off-the-Shelf (COTS) safety controllers from HIMA on a rail line in the Canton of Jura.

On the Le Noirmont – La Chaux-de-Fonds rail line in the French-speaking region of Switzerland, BÄR Bahnsicherung has for the first time deployed the new Eurolocking electronic interlocking based on HIMA safety controllers. The benefits of the high integration capability, performance and compact design of the CENELEC SIL4 compliant interlocking are proven in practice at the Bellevue station of the Swiss transportation company Les Chemins de fer du Jura. 

Bellevue is a junction station with two sidings that have a large volume of shunting traffic and are therefore implemented with secured shunting routes. Integrating the interlocking into the existing control system and interfacing to the nearby interlockings already in place, which were implemented with the TMN 840/841 block interface widely used in Switzerland, were significant challenges during project execution. 

Easy integration of all elements

A basic component of the Eurolocking solution is the use of SIL4 certified HIMax safety PLCs as main computers. Using a standardized COTS safety system enables easy integration of diverse components. For example, BÄR was able to smoothly integrate the system bus and the interfaces with the standardized HIMA systems in cooperation with Frauscher Systemtechnik. That formed the basis for uniform connection of all field components. Another advantage of easy integration is that BÄR was able to develop a compact interlocking with significant space savings.

 Availability is especially important with interlockings. As a plug-and-play system with hot-swap functionality, the HIMax controller enables fast component replacement and system modifications during ongoing operation. The subsystems utilize the smaller HIMatrix controllers, which also fulfill extremely high safety requirements but are designed for a smaller number of I/O ports. These compact, high-performance devices are particularly suitable for use in distributed time-critical applications. 

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