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ICT Solutions


Strategic ICT vision and advisory services to compliment business planning. Subject matter expertise in strategy, risk and governance.

Tanzania government  ICT policy states “as a key component of good corporate governance, organisations should plan ICT to best support the organisation”.

The challenge for every organisation is to align its ICT environment to its strategic business plans, respond to the ongoing tactical requirements of business units, and ensure that changes do not interfere with, or impact, operational stability. To achieve this alignment an ICT strategy should be developed to meet the needs of the organisation now, and into the future.

Multiplex Systems has a specialist team with vast experience and capability in IT infrastructure deployment and major roll-outs. Our proven transition methodology minimises risk and promotes a co-operative working relationship with our clients.

Our five phase approach to planning (Engage, Discover, Customise, Commission and Transform) is run as a series of tasks with each relying on deliverables from the preceding phase. The final three phases are designed to be repeatable processes, linked to a continuous business improvement cycle.

A critical function for all organisations, Risk Management, is a major component of business success.  Organisations must develop processes for the identification and evaluation of opportunities and risks, and the treatment of unacceptable risks.

The SXiQ Risk Management framework is implemented through:

  1. Identification of threats and risks
  2. Assessment of risk in the business context
  3. Analysis of the likelihood of threats occurring
  4. Determination of the course of action (whether to treat, transfer or accept the risk)
  5. Acting and reporting

In today’s digital world, businesses need to be agile and flexible to leverage the best of what the cloud offers.  An optimised cloud environment results in more up-time, better collaboration and productivity, and protection of your precious data.

As a leading cloud integrator, Multiplex works with every aspect of the different clouds. We are able to choose the “right fit” cloud environment suited to your specific business needs. Our specialists are well versed in the latest proven, practical and cost-effective hybrid cloud solutions. Commercially, we ensure your agreements are measurable, flexible and easy to administer.

The services offered by Multiplex include:

  1. Business case development and TCO analysis
  2. Business and technical requirement gathering and definition
  3. Cloud criteria framework and workload assessment services
  4. Cloud architecture and cloud strategy services
  5. Vendor licensing constructs relating to cloud
  6. Cloud migration planning and cloud implementation services
  7. Cloud and service integration
  8. Cloud security assessments and implications


Outsourced operational services which are aligned to business standards, policies and statutory requirements.

Making the decision to move to either a public or private cloud often presents technical and business challenges which require effective management.  With our mature methodology and deep technical capabilities across a range of providers, Multiplex provides expertise to help on this journey.

We can assist with:

  1. Selection of cloud providers to best align to your business requirements
  2. Application readiness assessments
  3. Initial workload sizing
  4. Design and implementation of dedicated cloud connections
  5. Workload and data migration; from common hypervisors such as VMware and Hyper V
  6. Post-migration workload optimisation

The Multiplex purpose-built configuration centre caters for large scale asset procurement, rollout and configuration services.  Our secure facility has a high velocity system build capability which provides:

  1. Asset procurement and registration
  2. PC and enterprise system assembly
  3. Capability to output in excess of 2,500 enterprise and/or end user devices per week
  4. Image load
  5. Firmware update
  6. System customisation
  7. QA and guaranteed “burn-in” including rack based networking, server and storage system testing
  8. Asset tagging and tracking

Multiplex has a strict quality assurance policy of testing every system prior to being shipped to ensure that systems arrive free of faults or defects.


With over 10 years providing hardware and software solutions, Multiplex has extensive implementation capabilities to ensure IT projects are delivered with minimal disruption to your business and maximum benefit to your stakeholders.

We can support your business with:

  1. Project planning, budgeting, scheduling and management of infrastructure projects
  2. Design, build and implementation of on-premise or datacentre infrastructure platforms
  3. Backup design, implementation, replication & disaster recovery solutions to support business continuity plans
  4. Network deployment and implementation of LAN and WiFi solutions
  5. Upgrade of firewall infrastructure to next generation architecture
  6. Hardware refresh – PC, server, storage and/or network technologies
  7. Software currency and upgrade programs

Have you thought about the impact that moving has on your customers, staff, suppliers and mission critical IT infrastructure? Would your company survive without phones or computers for a day? Multiplex has a diverse range of IT relocation services to ensure minimal disruption to your business and maximum benefit to your stakeholders. From data centre to office relocations, we cover every angle.

Our specialist team can:

  1. Conduct site visits to evaluate IT infrastructure to be relocated
  2. Inspect new premises to evaluate power, data cabling and environmental conditions
  3. Undertake computer room design for new premises including detailed data rack layout schemes for optimal operational efficiency and safe storage of IT systems
  4. Develop detailed project plans, resource plans and budgets
  5. Co-ordinate third party stakeholders
  6. Ensure proper disconnection and preparation of IT hardware for transportation to the new facility
  7. Reconnect communications, servers, PCs and other hardware including functionality testing of all devices
  8. Provide post relocation onsite support and full documentation of the move, including any upgrades undertaken


Repeatable and controlled project services for transitions or changes in a business.

Managed IT Services are central to our business. Multiplex offers a broad range of tailored solutions that enable our customers to focus on their core business, leaving us to manage the complexities of IT.  The key element of our offering is to provide resilient and secure outcomes to meet your ever-changing needs, with the benefits of our approach being:

  1. Rapid access and deployment of your specific ICT capacity when you require it
  2. Flexibility to scale up or down with the demands of your ICT infrastructure
  3. A cost effective way to achieve better returns on your ICT environment

Our services include:

  1. 24×7 service desk
  2. Global operations centre
  3. Level 2 & 3 escalated support
  4. Remote pro-active monitoring
  5. Incident, problem, change, capacity, service level and availability management
  6. Detailed service reporting
  7. Dedicated service delivery managers

Multiplex is experienced at managing mixed vendor environments and varying degrees of process maturity. Whether it’s compute, storage, backup or archive solutions our specialists have the experience to support all aspects of the ICT stack.  We cover:

  1. End user devices including desktops, laptops, tablets and common peripherals
  2. Collaboration and email suites
  3. Anti-virus and patch management (PC and servers)
  4. Multiple operating systems such as Windows, Linux, AIX and other unix systems
  5. Infrastructure compute and storage support (on and off-premises), including physical servers, hypervisors and storage arrays; from standalone to converged and hyper-converged technologies
  6. Backup and replication solutions
  7. Networking switches, routers, load balancers and accelerators
  8. Security devices including firewalls, threat management gateways and VPN appliances
  9. Telecommunication services such as WAN links, internet services and cloud connections

Multiplex customers improve the productivity, efficiency, mobility and overall experience of their end-users, with significant focus on Windows 10 SOE designs, implementations and migrations, device roll-out and ongoing device management (including secure erasure and disposal of decommissioned devices).

Our technology and services include:

  1. ‘Always on’ 24×7 service desk
  2. On-site Management – class leading on-site deployment and ongoing end user device management capability
  3. Windows 7, 8, 10 skilled engineers
  4. Device protection and antivirus
  5. Microsoft SCCM and IBM In-Tune
  6. Provider of Apple, Dell, HP, Lenovo, Microsoft, Toshiba

SXiQ’s overall aim is to make the datacentre invisible, through intelligent & efficient solutions.

We design, build and manage the very latest generation enterprise infrastructure & software, improving the security, performance and system availability of our customers data & systems with real-time, technology insights via our elegant dashboards and operational visualisations, ultimately freeing our customers from the complexity of enterprise datacenter systems and accelerating our customers decision making capabilities across mission-critical systems.

Along with traditional infrastructure capabilities, we specialise in the latest generation of Converged & Hyperconverged technologies, Flash storage technologies and Software defined platforms.

Multiplex DC & Enterprise services include:

  1. Compute – Provisioning and management of virtual or physical services on high performing server infrastructure
  2. Storage – High availability, fault tolerant enterprise storage platform management providing customised storage requirements
  3. Network & Security – Provisioning and management of datacentre security, firewall and switching technologies
  4. Backup – Backup and recovery operations including archiving, media management and offsite tape storage services
  5. Disaster Recovery – world-class disaster recovery and replication services for database, o/s, hypervisor, server & storage infrastructure
  6. Monitoring & Management – Comprehensive system management including monitoring, alerting, patching, tuning and ‘always-on’ support
  7. Capacity planning and capacity management for your entire compute, storage, network environment
  8. Detailed, incident, problem and change management service
  9. Service level agreement guarantees