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Oil & Gas Engineering

Fuel Measurement and Control
1. Storage Solutions

  • Enraf – Radar & Servo Gauges
  • Optilevel – Capacitive Probes
  • Sensile – Pressure differential Gauges

 2. Gantry Solutions


  • Meters – LC, Faure Herman and Brodie
  • Flow Computers (Presets) – Contrec
  • Loading Arms – OMC
  • Safety Stairs and bridges – Greenline
  • Control Valves – OCV
  • Software – OPT-MIM (Fuel Management Software)

3. Truck Solutions

  • Complete truck mechanical system (Foot valve, Manholes, Air Vents) – Normec
  • Metered Offloading systems
    • Wenstromm
    • LC
    • Sampi
    • Contrec

4. Fuel Management Solutions

  • Tank Gauging – Enraf, Opt-level and Sensile
  • Control Receipts – Contrec and LC
  • Dispensing Control – Hectronic
  • Software – Opti-MIM (Fuel Management Software)

5. Peripherals

  • Pumps
    • Blackmer
    • Viking
  • Air Eliminators
  • Loading Arms
  • Gantry Safety Equipment

After Market Support

24/7 helpdesk with a full complement of trained technical personnel that supports customers. Telephonic Software support.

Control & Metering Systems Management 

Seeking independent oil and gas metering services assists in promoting accuracy, facilitating correct yield allocations and ensuring regulatory compliance.

Comprehensive oil and gas metering services help to ensure that oil and gas product measurement systems are designed, installed, operated and maintained in accordance with relevant standards and best practice.

In today’s global industry landscape, a shortage of technicians, engineers and metering consultants has resulted in high demand for suitably skilled personnel.

The professionals and engineers who provide our oil and gas metering services possess the knowledge and range of technical skills necessary to address your flow measurement challenges.

Reaching beyond one-time oil and gas metering services, we can provide you with a full range of related support and solutions. These include

  • The complete management of metering systems,
  • Measurement system design,
  • Compilation of operation and
  • Maintenance procedures and system audits.

Mismeasurement investigation, witnessing metering equipment testing and calibration and the resolution of measurement problems are also among the services we deliver.

For over two decades, we have provided oil and gas metering services to national and international exploration and production companies, building long-term partnerships and a reputation for trust and reliability.